Nicholas Loke Sai Kit

Hi Everyone! My name is Nick and I'm in my second year of International Relations and Politics at the University of Sheffield. Coming from a mixed-race background with parents from Malaysia and Indonesia, I spent my childhood and high school years in both these respective countries before relocating to the UK for University. As part of my MUN journey, I have had the privilege of participating in both Asian and Western environments, learning two different perspectives of MUN-resolution drafting in the process. Committee wise, I have done both THIMUN (Hague) and HMUN (Harvard) styles of MUN which have inspired this year’s SheffMUN rules of procedure. I am extremely excited to welcome everyone to Sheffield as we learn, debate, and make new friends across the continent!

Deputy Secretary-General


Jody Holland

Hey! I'm a second year International Relations and Politics at the University of Sheffield. I've lived in England all my life and started doing MUN whilst attending my local Secondary School in South Oxfordshire. Through MUN I have had amazing opportunities to travel around the UK and Europe to conferences in France, Italy, and various UK universities.. Along the way I've been involved in many fascinating debates and met the most incredibly talented people. This has fostered a deep seated love for public speaking and geopolitics. I'm very motivated to promote MUN and also host many people from around the globe in the beautiful city of Sheffield (in my opinion, the best in the UK).

Under Secretary-General for Social Affairs


  Luciana Verduga 

Hi all! My name is Luciana and I’m studying Sociology at The University of Sheffield, going into my second year. I’m from a small country in South America called Ecuador, and have just recently made the move to the UK to begin my studies. One of my favorite things about Model United nations is being able to learn about different cultures while trying to work with real life situations. I have had the pleasure to participate in several MUN’s in South America and in the USA. These have given me great learning and social experiences which is why I’m excited to help create an inclusive and very fun MUN here in Sheffield as the USG for Social Affairs! I hope to see many of you here to make some good memories together.

Under Secretary-General for Delegate Affairs


  Atharva Torne

 Hello! My name is Atharva, and I'm your USG for Delegate Affairs for SheffMUN 2019. I am an Indian by birth, but have had significant exposure to different cultures by living in Italy and the USA. I can speak three languages fluently and am working on two more. I’ve competed in MUN conferences in Italy, Ireland and the USA, and have learned many valuable things which have made me a better person. I have experience in both HMUN and THIMUN ROPs, so feel free to ask me anything about them! I love crisis in MUN, and most of my experience as a delegate has been as a crisis delegate.

Under Secretary-General for Logistics


 Christopher Foo Wui Chyi

 Hello, my name is Christopher and I’m studying BA International Relations and Politics at the University of Sheffield. I’m from a city called Petaling Jaya in Malaysia which is just a 20-minute drive to the capital, Kuala Lumpur.  I’m relatively new to Model United Nations as I only started participating in MUN in my first year of university in 2018. However, I have grown to enjoy MUN as an activity that allows me to experience how international decision-making works. Additionally, I have vast experience in participating in Asian Parliamentary and British Parliamentary debate competitions whereby I was a debater for 4 years in secondary school. As the Under-Secretary General for Logistics, I’ll be in charge of manning the conference schedule and ensuring that the necessary facilities are in order throughout the conference. I hope that all of you will have a great time throughout this year’s SheffMUN! 

Under Secretary-General for Finance


 Josh Martin 

  Hello everybody! I’m Josh, and I study International Relations and Politics at the University of Sheffield, though I spent a year studying Korean and Japanese too. I grew up in North Wales in a working-class family and became interested in politics during high school. Seeing the inequality in the UK, one of the world’s richest countries, opened my eyes to the major issues that the rest of the world face, and my journey into debating and Model United Nations began. I began participating in Sheffield MUN in my first year of university, and it has been a wonderful experience in which I heard many points of view that helped build my own viewpoint. I would like to say a warm welcome to Sheffield, and maybe even the UK. To all of those reading, I hope you enjoy SheffMUN!  

Special advisors

Society & Coordination


  Dan Titherington (Society President) 

Hello, future delegates, My name is Daniel Mathew Titherington and I am the President of the University of Sheffield MUN and a proud member of the secretariat and chairing the Drugs and Crime Committee. I have done several MUN’s at a highschool level and performed well in the Academic conference in Amsterdam called UNISCA and attended the Future We Want conference in New York over the Summer.  I am currently in my 2nd year at The University of Sheffield and grew up in London in a family of journalists. With this unique upbringing, I grew up knowing about the atrocities and the changing world from a young age forcing me to believe I have to do something. This has since led me to MUN due to my strong beliefs in the need for dialogue on these issues.  I look forward to meeting, communicating and sharing ideas with all of you when we meet.

Conference & Coordination


  Atakan Yurdakul

Atakan, currently in his third year at the UK, is studying History BA at the University of Nottingham. Born and raised in Turkey, his MUN career started there several years ago during his high school years. After being introduced to the deep, dark hole called crisis committees, he has started to participate Model UN conferences around the world and eventually ended up as the person in charge of the academics for his university's conference, NottsMUN’19. 

While carrying the title of Special Advisor to assist the team to provide the best academic experience possible Sheffield can offer this year, he sincerely hopes that you will enjoy your time during the conference! He hopes to see you all in few months and wishes you good luck in advance!